Sunday, July 11, 2010

Tool #9

Using Jing and Skype in the classroom

I really find Jing very useful, especially when the piece of information you want to share is repetitive. This software will be a great tool for presenters and software trainers. I plan to use this tool with my team and my school in a way to simplify instructions to perform a task in a program, i.e. skyward. In the classroom when explaining learning centers to my class it’ll be enough to show this Jing video instead of repeating instructions.

I use Skype at home to call family and friends overseas. It’s a great service. I think Eduskyper’s phonebook offers a great chance to interact with students in classrooms from places around the world. What I love the most from Skype is that they developed an App for smartphones. You can use your phone to make calls without using your minutes' plan. The skype app can be downloaded and used in iPod touches as well.

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