Saturday, June 5, 2010

Tool #2 - Post 2

I think building an online education community provides the

opportunity to interact with others in a completely different way. Traditional ways may include trainings and meetings; those absolutely require the presence of the people to participate. However, the online greatest advantage is that the sharing of thoughts occurs remotely and at a different pace, there’s no need for all the people to be present at the same time.

Commenting becomes the most important part to make communication flow. Reading comments from others and not replying to say I agree or I disagree causes the interaction to fail. Please write a comment!

The blogs I'm following are from experienced teachers in which I trust and think they are excellent professionals.


  1. I think posting an opinion should always be constructive for all the network of learners and it's very important that everyone participates in the discussion making it a completely new learning experience for everyone participationg.

  2. Absolutely agree. A positive feedback always enhances relationships and helps learning to happen.

  3. You are a very smart individual. This is a new way of communication for all of us. We will be learning from each other. We always need to respond positively and with constructive criticism. We need to be open-minded when we receive our responses. Don't you agree?

  4. I agree with you Norma. We need to learn to accept new ideas and constructive criticism. As technology and the world changes we need to keep up with the pace so that our kids are exposed to all these new ways of learning. Rodrigo I also agree with you that this form of communication enables us to get more things across and to communicate at a faster rate.